narrative feature film.

A woman ("Benji"), haunted by her emotional pain, enlists a storefront psychic to help reroute her life.  But as their relationship deepens, it becomes disordered and dangerous; mirroring the relationship Benji has with her blackjack-addicted father.  As Benji wrestles with the source of her pain, she confronts whether her work with the psychic is healing or continuing the cycle of abuse. 

A psychological drama with aggressive humor.  It's about repeating patterns and the limitations of free will envisioned as a neon self-destructive nightmare: dark, green, nostalgic, bruised polaroid morphing into transcendental, ominous, strange, levitating fluorescents.


twelve-minute proof of concept ///

Official Selection Marfa Film Festival

Official Selection New Orleans Film Festival

The Museum of Modern Art, New York

NoBudge • DirectorsNotes • Vimeo Staff Pick • Tribeca Film Institute + AT&T Untold Stories $1,000,000 Grant Finalist


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half-hour television series.

female-driven, darkly-comic, insider drama about art dealers in Los Angeles and the hierarchies of value.

"I have proved it to myself that art is about life and the art world’s about money. Everyone lies to themselves to make it seem like it’s the other way. But it isn’t... I’m one of the few people in the world who can say, ‘I know what everything is worth.' Everything in the whole world is worth what anyone else is prepared to pay for it. And that’s it. Simple."  

(((Damien Hirst)))



live-action, half-hour based on the futuristic Hanna-Barbera cartoon.

John Lautner, Sheats Goldstein Residence, Image: Jeff Green

John Lautner, Sheats Goldstein Residence, Image: Jeff Green


30-year-old, present day, Judy Jetson, at the urging of roommate, Rosie-the-Robot-maid, revisits her childhood diary, DiDi, to revive her floundering VLOG and reinvigorate her life. 

Judy Jetson is now 30-years-old and living in a Lautner house in present day, mid-century modern Los Angeles with Rosie, her family’s robot maid, who moved in with Judy following the death of her mother, Jane, a few years prior. Judy has a popular VLOG, Dear DiDi, named after her childhood robotic diary. But after Jane’s death, Judy abandoned her own thoughts and became obsessed with remembering her mother’s; constantly asking Rosie to replay recordings of her mother’s advice as a surrogate for the real thing. The more Judy yearns for the past, the more disconnected she becomes from herself (once a socialite, she now rarely leaves the house) and her subscriber base (dwindling in vast numbers, citing that they miss the “old Judy.”) Meanwhile, Rosie is short-circuiting and Jane’s electronic memories are becoming increasingly garbled. Rosie knows her own days are numbered and wants to make sure Judy is okay before she winds up in the scrap heap. She finds “Didi” in storage and leaves it on Judy’s bed in hopes it will reconnect Judy with her true self. Reluctantly, Judy takes a listen and starts to remember…

THE DIARY OF JUDY JETSON is an exploration of letting go and a reminder that the best voice to guide us is the one within ourselves.



a limited series about an abusive family dynamic that feels like an unescapable emotional prison; set in the near-future at a Pennsylvania state penitentiary when the death penalty is reinstated after a contentious local election.

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