WITH THE Akashic Records.

The Akashic Records are a device to reconnect your hard drive with your memory. It’s a tool to reformat a motherboard that has become overly reliant on external programs that have overwritten the original source code. The code of your true self. Before we became overwhelmed with what we should do—we incarnated with an intention for what we must do. All experiences are occurring to help us remember our native mission and provide the pathways and resources to recover our calibrated knowing. Sometimes we need to hear things reflected in a new voice to help us discern between chatter and truth. We all have the intuitive compass showing us which way is due north. It’s our fear that leads us to question. It’s our fear that resists change towards empowerment. It’s our fear that manifests as paralyzing self-doubt. An experience with the Akashic Records is like playing a mixtape that’s been shoved in a box for years and remembering the first time you heard all the songs play. It’s a reawakening. It’s a realization that you know the way. It’s a reboot of courage to be who you are.


let’s google search in your soul record. the akashic records exist in a perceptual dimension of consciousness. it is an energetic archive containing the history of your soul in its current incarnation; all previous incarnations; and all future possibilities. (*the future is fluid and shifting depending upon our actions.) i stream it like a radio station to uncover/clarify your divine gifts, soul purpose, how to clear blocks and expand out of constricting patterns; and most importantly—reconnect you with your own guidance system so you can recognize its messages, build trust in your intuition and become conscious about what you are creating (and releasing).


sessions are conducted via skype from anywhere in the world. I will record audio (with your permission) and send you the file afterwards. please prepare by writing a list of questions addressing HOW • WHY • WHAT (as opposed to WHEN or YES/NO).


*if you need a different day or time compatible with your schedule or time zone, please send an email with your availability. all sessions are conducted via SKYPE or ZOOM.



Here’s the deal. We’re in a hologram. The human experience is a lot like a computer. There’s a hard drive, mutable operating system and a slew of downloadable software programs. It’s possible to keyword search and read the source code to re-calibrate direction, recover optimum functionality, develop strategy and problem solve. That’s what I do. The information accessed in the fifth dimension of consciousness (a perceptual dimension) increases awareness and allows us to supercharge our free will to create new possibilities on the physical 3D plane. I consult individuals and companies innovating in technology, health/wellness, politics/community service, art/creation. The goal is CONNECTED SUCCESS = financial wellness + personal fulfillment + socially conscious impact.


The initial series consists of three-parts.

001 FACT-FINDING (*site visit if applicable + half-day briefing + first audio-recorded session)

002 CURRENT APPLICATION (remote audio recorded session)

003 FUTURE POTENTIALITIES (remote audio recorded session)


The series yields big picture framework along with practical/tangible steps that can be immediately implemented. Results vary depending on receptivity and willingness to take action however most clients experience a reboot which allows the stream of information/messaging to continue after sessions conclude. The three sessions can be spaced a minimum of 24 hours apart and a maximum of seven days.


email for more information, calendar availability and rates.


“I was one of the lucky people selected to participate in an Akashic Reading. For the record, I'd previously never met Dana and this entire reading was a brand new process for me. Well, I had that session on Saturday and was blown away. I focused on memoir-writing questions (What is the best structure for my memoir, why am I experiencing difficulty telling this story, etc.) and received incredibly helpful, insightful answers to those questions and more, all of which hit me to my core. Seriously, I needed a day to unpack what she shared with me because it was so poignant.

If you're open to a session, I want to recommend contacting Dana. She was warm, friendly, encouraging and highly gifted. I feel more clear and more in touch with myself as well as my story. 

Also, if you're not familiar with the Akashic Records, from what I understand, they are essentially "the cloud," or a supercomputer of all human experience, knowledge and emotion from past, present and future. Famed seer Edgar Cayce spoke of the Akashic Records during his sessions, which was how I first learned of them while reading about him. 

Thank you Dana for opening up this opportunity. I'm so grateful for the experience and what I gained from it.”

—B.S. Kailua, HI.

“Dana is a wonderful channel for the Akashic Records. She transmitted the information so truthfully, not just telling me what I thought I wanted to hear. She was able to see me in a way that I was not yet able to see myself and that provided an opening for me. My barriers were illuminated. I felt permission to step more fully into my essence and energetic gifts. My outer perceptions expanded and my capacities deepened. I’m so grateful for the insight and continue to hold it as a reference point.”

—D.P., Los Angeles, CA

“Dana, thank you SO MUCH. I felt very emotional when we hung up, I don't know if that's normal but I did. I felt seen and recognized on a level I never have before. I found your words helpful and productive on a cerebral level while also healing on an emotional level. Thank you again. You have such a gift it was amazing to witness it. Just WOW.” 

B.P., New York, NY

Dearest Dana. Rarely have I ever had such a profound experience as my Akashic Records reading with you. I’m still finding it difficult to diminish such a grand experience into meager words, words will never encapsulate the profound healing and soul deep peace I reached through my reading with you. You hadn’t spoken many sentences before my eyes started watering and tears were rolling silently down my face. I wasn’t “crying” in the usual sense - my tears weren’t caused by sadness, pain, sorrow, anger or the like, rather my tears were a purely physical reaction in response to hearing something so pure, so true. It was like you spoke to the heart of my soul. On the physical plane you were answering my questions, but on another plane you were seeing me, recognizing my soul, embracing it; the frequency of your voice and answers are pure medicine. You are a radiant beam of light. Of love. You read me with such clarity and purity. With care and compassion. It was an honor to receive the gift of an Akashic Records reading with you - you are such a clear channel and you deliver your insights with grace and ease. As a projector I felt so recognized, what a relief to be recognized when oneself is often the one doing the recognizing. Dana, I cannot thank you enough. I will forever be grateful for my experience with you. I am recommending you to everyone and anyone looking to experience a profound, soulful reading. THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART.”

—L.S.E., Copenhagen, Denmark

Hi Dana, thanks for the recording. I need a little distance before I can listen to it. I know there's a lot there. You broke me like a cheap card table. Not an easy thing to do. I want to thank you for your time the other day. I'm not even sure what to say about it other than "it was difficult." It was, however, enlightening and validating at the same time. Just knowing that the darkness I've struggled with for my whole fucking life isn't simply "in my head" is a freeing thought. Now I can own it. I've also held back what is an inner insistent refusal to compromise who I am. I thought I was doing it out of a spirit of tolerance for the sensibilities of others. Now I see that it was just the way I dressed up my own fear. So, it's full speed ahead baby. Others can think of me what they wish. They'll get nothing but love from me but I won't hide under a bushel. I know what I've seen and what I've experienced. I know what is true. And I know what I'm supposed to do. So thanks for loosening the bridle.”

—J.W., Chicago, IL

"When you first started talking about plants and flowers and genetics, I first thought that this was meant for a different Marije. But when we continued, I knew for sure that it was about me. Yesterday and today a lot of things have been coming through and I'm like, why didn't I see this immediately? Since our reading I feel so inspired. I am feeling a lot of joy and excitement. I have talked to my two best friends and boyfriend about it and neither of them was surprised or felt like I was telling something that was crazy or too much out there. They all reacted so calmly and accepting and enthusiastic and loving. As if I wasn't telling them anything new. As if I was finally articulating who I am. As if I finally found the words to do so."

—M.D., Amsterdam, Netherlands

"Dana is a beautiful, loving, maternal, intuitive, Cancer mama who is literally channeling from the HEAVENS. She reads in the old school, gangster-writing-while-channeling way which exerts so much energy from her beautiful projector energy, but that does NOT stop her. I know not everyone has psychic moments while reading the Akashic Records but Dana does. She mentioned a woman in my life she could of never known who I felt guilt about leaving. Literally, my last employer that I worked for for only one month that only two people in my life even knew about. She mentioned her by name. She answered all my questions w/ paramount detail, exquisite language, and in such a beautiful, inclusive fashion. She really liberated me into living out my best projector trust-of-self while remaining honest. I met her doing anti-racist work. She is anything but the conventional, superficial white woman in wellness. There is depth and consciousness to her spirituality and practices. She is an expander for me in SO MANY WAYS. We are both starting out doing spiritual readings. I am a new but vibrant & passionate astrologer and we have both read one another now with a deep connection and so much love. If she can squeeze you in I would HIGHLY recommend.”

—O.H., Los Angeles, CA

“It was quite an emotional experience for me, and what a gift you can offer, to be able to be a vessel to witness the Whole Truth. I'm so thankful for the recording of our session, thank you for including that. I've been feeling more energized to create artwork, feeling more content with where I'm at in life, and have been taking my time thinking about the babies that i'm scanning at work (not just going through the motions as much).”

—J.S.. Phoenix, AZ

“Thank you so much Dana, the reading last night was magical. I also had some strange dreams... I think it revealed a lot about my wound, and last night/this morning when awake it was like I heard something telling me what it was, why the wound was there, how it is affecting me in this lifetime, how the wound has been re-activated in this lifetime/who really pushed it in... Thank you so so much.”

—I.R., Los Angeles, CA

“Last night heading home from my office, I received a call from a number I don’t recognize. I never ever answer the dozens of calls I get like that a day. But I answered. It was a live conference call with [a local politician]. Immediately after our record reading, this voice was loud and clear—that’s my seat. [This local politician] is in my seat. Since then I have been focused on things I consider stepping stones towards the goal. Then this call happened and I don’t know why. I can explain it with reason (I’m a frequent donor to democratic platforms and candidates, surely my number is on some lists) but it just felt like this siren. And while he talked I saw this black binder with tabs on each topic and my handwriting with my positions and notes—this doesn’t exist yet but I saw it. And I heard how he answers and how his answers aren’t really answers just talking points and self affirmation—which was helpful in two ways: 1) I realized I can do that; I can have answers for every general topic. And 2) I don’t want to do that. I want to challenge that pre-canned response approach. And call him on it. Ok my kids need me but had to share. Also welcome back—I was missing your voice and presence on IG. Thank you for sharing the gritty and human side of your journey.”

—T.W., Chicago, IL


Dr. S James Gates Jr. is a theoretical physicist and Professor of Physics at the University of Maryland. He served on President Obama’s Council of Advisors on Science and Technology. Dr. Gates is well known for his work on superstring theory, supergravity, and supersymmetry. Here’s a partial transcript of Dr. Gates speaking with Neil deGrasse Tyson at a conference.

Gates: "Buried in pictures of equations related to string theory are computer codes just like the type that you find in the browser when you go surf the web.”

Tyson: “You’re saying that your attempt to understand the fundamental operations of nature; leads you to a set of equations that are indistinguishable from the equations that drive search engines on our computers?”

Gates: “Yes. That is correct."

Tyson: “Wwwait. Wait. I have to just be silent for a minute here. You’re saying that as you dig deeper.… you find computer code rich in the fabric of the cosmos.”

Gates: “In the equations that we want to use to describe the cosmos: yes.”

I’ve been wanting to share this ^^^ story with you for awhile. Thank you New Orleans Film Society for inviting me to be a contestant on the game show Underrated/Overcaffeinated to give an experimental Ted talk about how the film ARRIVAL is a 100% real blueprint for how to access information from the 5th dimension of consciousness. (*If you said a banned cliche word, the penalty was a coffee shot. There was also a time limit so I spoke at Aaron Sorkin speed. #psychicthefilm)