Seven days ago, I woke up to a 7am text from Ian Keiser with a link to a filmmaking contest to promote the premiere of A Wrinkle In Time. I felt angry. I spent 45 minutes reading the official rules fine print looking for a reason not to enter. I couldn’t find one. The brief—create a two-minute (or less) video expressing your vision as a filmmaker that incorporates the line of dialogue, “Be a Warrior,” and responds to the theme of individuality versus conformity. I didn’t have an idea but I called some friends who own a gorgeous concrete mid-century house with a hexagon shaped pool and asked if I could film it there. They said yes but the pool is currently drained and scheduled to refill on Sunday. I said, perfect; wait for me before you turn the water on. That night I pulled into my driveway and a poem fell out in one piece. I borrowed a wetsuit, ordered a high powered flashlight and a $14 pack of gels from Amazon; entered the 7th level of hell (the AT&T store) to upgrade to the iPhone X and spent 15 minutes before sunrise teaching myself how to use it. When I picked up the wetsuit from Lisa Gallo, I asked if she would come over to help me shoot it. She did and we experimented until just after sundown. The next day, when my computer crashed while editing, Doug Tyler and Kattie Roewart generously let me come over to use theirs. I recorded the VO in my kitchen at midnight and finished the cut this morning back at Doug’s. (Their 2-year-old daughter Penny was my post-production supervisor.) I’m grateful for technology and friends and wetsuits. But most of all, keenly aware and appreciative of the flow. Thank you. 🌊🌊