When I learned to obey mystery, everything started making sense.

Sometimes I hear things.

I had an interdimensional experience while watching THE OA season one finale on Netflix. Is this too intense? I don’t care. It was after the recent July eclipse. It was three in the morning. I watched the characters perform the “movements” and felt an electrical current move through my body. I closed my eyes and went somewhere. I received a message about my own work. Storytelling can unlock our (dormant) power and (questioned) knowing because we each have a piece of the puzzle. We need to share information to release its collective force.

Sometimes I receive messages that feel like keys but when I turn the lock, it doesn’t budge. Maybe the key isn’t wrong—it contains the necessary raw materials—but first it must melt and forge into a new configuration. Like the complications on a watch. The movements are what make it go. Maybe it’s the artists who energize the gears.

I accompanied my short film PSYCHIC to screenings in Marfa (an obscure artist town in the West Texas high desert) and MoMA (the pinnacle brick-and-mortar capital of art). The film is about my real experience being scammed and healed by a storefront psychic as I hunted for the codes to hack out of my repeating childhood trauma. I was looking for financing to make the feature-length version but it turns out screening my shame in front of audiences was the key to becoming conscious of my own psychic abilities. It wasn’t the door I intended to find. But here I am.


{{{ interview by Veronika Shulman + photography by David-Simon Dayan }}}